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At Missing Middle Opportunity Facility, we are looking for SMEs who are profitable, environmental and social responsible & who are committed to the principles of good governance and transparency. We focus on companies that are willing to receive business development services. As the whole world stumbles into a myriad of challenges caused by the pandemic, a changing climate and conflicts, supporting the SME sector is increasingly crucial. Change is needed to create resilient communities and economic growth in low-income countries. Along with our partners, we want to help your company to build capacity and improve key business practices to encourage future investments.

Requirements for applying for your SME

Creating true impact

We are looking for SMEs that are creating a sustainable environmental and social impact and that are committed to the principles of good governance and transparency. The company needs to be formally registered and compliant with the national laws and the operating permits.

Female and young entrepreneurs attract special attention.

Today, 85% of the employees in our supported SMEs are young (18-35 years), and we want to keep a strong focus on youth and female employees and improve gender equality. Improving women’s position in livelihoods is a critical way of improving the general standard of living in families, communities, and socities.

The business is profitable or expected to be profitable in 2 years

The company needs to have a sufficient operational capacity and industry knowledge, technical capabilities, and team’s commitment to grow.

The size of the SME
  • The number of total employees ranges between 10 to 300
  • Turnover and/or total assets of  $100K to $15M (SMEs defining thresholds – IFC)
Minimum of two years track record

The SME needs to have certain statements and a business plan

  • Formal financial statements (preferably audited) from the previous 2 years.
  • Forecasted financial statements for the next 5 years.
  • Detailed Business Plan


Financing needs range from 100.000 to 1.000.000 euros

The investments in individual companies range from 100,000 euros to one million euros and the Investments should directly or indirectly:

  • Improve incomes of low-income earners (maintain and create decent paid jobs)
  • Provide affordable access to basic services and products (these can be in the range of access to food, clean energy, health care, finance, education, waste management or water and sanitation)
  • Note: When you submit your business case, you authorize us to receive, manage and process the provided information internally.


Help to bridge the funding gap

Bridging the funding gap

Private capital has been called for, and partly successfully received, to address the multi-trillion-dollar annual financing gap to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.Public and philanthropic funds are needed to mobilize private investments into developing countries to bridge this funding gap.

Reputational risks and strict ESG-criteria are among factors diverting most of the private capital away from those contexts which would need the funding the most. There are structural obstacles that result in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and fragile states being left increasingly behind. We want to change this.

SME's need support to become investable

The SMEs are engines of the economic growth and social development, yet in the poorest countries the companies receiving finance and support are often large companies or micro-enterprises– hence the term missing middle SMEs. While there is a need in providing long-term financing to SMEs in LDCs, this alone is not sufficient to turn them into opportunities for their communities, national economies and for meeting the SDGs. The SMEs need to be formal, growth-oriented, and responsible – in other words, investable.

Business development services are needed

To reach this goal, support is needed for creating sustainable value-chains, supporting gender equality, and improving market positions of smallholder farmers in agricultural SMEs. For creating decent jobs, innovative, scalable, and efficient services are needed.

MMOF provides business development services and financial control to the client SMEs and brings the real risk of financing to a decent level. By bringing business development services and financing under one roof we achieve significant efficiency benefits.

Global partnerships enable economic growth

We believe in global partnerships to bring down the cost of control and advisory to enable the economic growth of the SMEs. MMOF adopts an approach that is scalable, and we team up with ecosystem partners like Accenture to build a digital platform for offering these essential business services for responsible SMEs at an affordable cost.

Decent jobs are key to sustainability

We create jobs, but not just any jobs. We create decent jobs that help local communities to achieve long-term shared prosperity in a sustainable way. We hope you feel the same!

Join us in offering affordable, essential business development service and long-term loans to responsible SMEs in a fragile context!

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