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AMFRI Farms Ltd

AMFRI Farms Ltd, a Ugandan agricultural farm is recognised as an organic food exporter to the EU, USA and UAE. AMFRI generates remarkable impact by offering jobs and ensuring responsible farming practices. For the rapid market growth, AMFRI was in a need of financing to build up a new processing facility closer to the cargo and export in Entebbe. With the joint investment, made with Yield Fund Uganda, and by offering business development skills to AMRI, the company has built up the new facility and scaled up its business. The company is now looking at expanding its previous operation by more than twice and creating social impact by offering more jobs for the smallholder farmers and employees.


AMFRI Farms Ltd



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Investments, business development

AMFRI Farms Ltd is a Ugandan agricultural company specialising in the production, processing and export of fruits, vegetables, and spices. AMFRI is recognised as a top organic food exporter with awards and certifications. AMFRI’s main business preposition is to supply products meeting the standard of certified organic with a focus on a niche market that has been growing globally. With global export to the EU, USA, and UAE, AMFRI has seen the market growth of the premium priced segment as an opportunity to increase revenue.

AMFRI generates remarkable impact by creating jobs and improving and ensuring responsible farming practices. Besides the six company owned farms employing up to 300 people in central and northern Uganda, the company also currently works with 560 organic certified out-grower smallholder farms in the same regions. Smallholder farmers supply 80% of all the produced processed and exported by AMFRI, the majority of the employees being youth, and about 40 % of employees are women.

With the joint-investment of $ 1.3m made with Yield Fund Uganda, AMFRI has been able to scale up its current operations and diversify its product range, that overall will deliver higher profit margin for the company. In addition to the financing, the collaboration includes business development skills in the areas of financing, accounting, marketing, and sales to meet the customer needs in the best possible manner.

With help of the investment, AMFRI’s new processing facility has been built up and relocated closer to Kampala, enabling shorter trucking of the final products in bulk to Entebbe for export via cargo planes for the wholesale and retail trade abroad. With the larger processing plant AMFRI is looking at expanding its previous operation by more than twice. By purchasing more volumes to cater for the higher volumes, AMFRI creates jobs in the farms and production facilities, improves sustainable farming practices, and creates positive social impact on many households’ livelihoods.

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