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EPL - Ugandan Poultry Farm Ltd

Egg Production Uganda Ltd (EPL) is a poultry (egg) farm established in 2019 by the Women’s Bank (part of FCA Group) and located in Mityana District in Central Uganda. It represents a socially, environmentally, and economically responsible egg production model with a yearly target of 25 000 layers producing premium eggs. The farm is strongly built on creating social impact and establishing an ecosystem that advances not only the farm’s workers but also creates a small-holder community in the near area producing maize for EPL.


EPL – Ugandan Poultry Farm Ltd



How we helped

Investments, business development

At the end of 2021, EPL employed 14 people, all youth, but was struggling to operate sustainably due to Covid-19 which resulted in a closure of Uganda’s economy and infected all staff at the farm leading to missed construction timelines and struggling management. The pandemic also had a negative impact on egg prices due to a decrease in customer demand in hotels and restaurants.

The business was not in a good condition. Not only capital was needed but also business development skills to recover and reach the set goals. To stabilise and grow the business, the owners asked for a MMOF type of turnaround plan. The solution was a ‘service backed loan’, an instrument that consists of essential services to support the management with core competencies necessary for growth e.g., production planning, financial management, and go-to-market planning bundled together with the finance necessary to affect the turnaround and growth.

The turnaround program was successful and today EPL is consolidating its market and by moving into the premium market. A carefully prepared go-to-market plan is guiding the business. The ecosystem around EPL consists of the female small-holder farmers, and the goal of creating social impact by supporting their livelihoods, creating jobs, and promoting women’s entrepreneurship is in strong focus. Also, establishing new business relationships and longer-term contracts with customers and suppliers is an important part of EPL’s commercial planning.

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