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All our services allocate resources that help to reach the goals that are required from SMEs before and after the investment. We believe that not all SMEs need to handle all management-related aspects in-house, and outsourcing some services can be more efficient. Our scalable services enable your company’s capacity building, and improve business management skills. Joining forces, we accomplish your goals and milestones together. It is through collaboration that our combined offer of skills and capital realises the full growth potential of your business and helps it become an interesting opportunity for investors, suppliers and customers in your business-ecosystem.

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As every business has its own development needs, we focus on the key areas addressed prior to financing, and design an action plan and allocate resources for implementation. According to our research and experience, the following services are mostly needed:


Financial Management & Accounting

Services to help create robust and transparent financial management and control. Proper digital solutions will be used to provide support in system design, budgeting, bookkeeping, and accounting. Capacity building is an essential part of the services. The timeframe for the service is 6-12 months pre-investment, and up to four years post-investment.


ESG Management

Services help to build a proper governance structure and sustainable business policies and practices. Essential measures will be taken to strengthen compliance and ensure responsible business conduct. ESG services typically include materiality assessment, action plans, capacity building, timeframe setting, and guidance for the company when implementing the ESG action plan.


Marketing & Sales

Services help to define efficient go-to-market planning. By defining the most profitable customer and product segments to reach growth, marketing and sales resources can be used in a well-planned manner. Strategic marketing and sales strategies help to define the efficient value-chains, as well as create beneficial partnerships. Assisting and capacity building in tactical marketing and sales activities help to reach the desired customers.


Market Research

Services help you to get a better understanding of your customer’s needs related to your offering. New markets and new customers require better understanding to reach profitable business goals. Qualitative and quantitative studies are used depending on the problem your company wants to solve.